Our Daily Manna 27 December 2021

Our Daily Manna 27 December 2021


It is always important to make decisions at the right time. Many people wait until it is too late before they decide on what to do. I love what Rev. Robert Schuller says:”NEVER CUT A TREE DOWN IN THE WINTERTIME. NEVER MAKE A NEGATIVE DECISION IN THE LOW TIME. NEVER MAKE YOUR MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS WHEN YOU ARE IN YOUR WORST MOODS. WAIT. BE PATIENT. THE STORM WILL PASS. THE SPRING WILL COME.” You need to learn the secret of making up your mind and sticking to your decision no matter what comes. You know that during winter all the trees are dry and you may never know which tree will grow back! So, cut trees only in summer when all trees are blooming! You can know that the one you cut is cut. Oh! DON’T MAKE DECISIONS IN ANGER OR WHEN YOU ARE DISCOURAGED!

Our Daily Manna 27 December 2021 – THE DAY GOD RETIRED HIM

The best time to make quality decisions is when you are not tired or mentally stressed out. Making quality decisions will require that you are not understand any kind of pressure. DECISIONS MADE IN TIME OF STRESS AND PRESSURE ARE NOT ALWAYS GOOD DECISIONS. Saul was in that kind of position! People were shouting and pressurizing him from all sides. The enemy forces were advancing. He was scared and worried to death. He did not know what to do. He was tired of waiting for Samuel. IN THAT TIME OF PRESSURE, HE MADE UP HIS MIND, TOOK AN ANIMAL AND SACRIFICED IT AND SET OUT FOR BATTLE. THAT WAS HIS RETIREMENT DAY! GOD RETIRED HIM INSTANTLY! Unfortunately for him, just after offering the sacrifice, Samuel arrived. Saul could just have waited for few more minutes. But because of the tension, he caved in and made a poor decision. Samuel told him, ” YOU HAVE DONE FOOLISHLY.…” The foolishness of Saul was in caving in under pressure! Champions do not do that! As 2021 ends, if you want to fulfil your destiny in God, you need to resolve that you will never let DISCOURAGEMENT or DELAY pressure you into QUITTING! You need to have a strong backbone! Hold on when others are giving up and make quality decisions at the right time and stick to them even when things go tough! You will NEVER end in shame! (GIVE OUT ODM COPIES THIS WEEK. AND EXPECT A MIRACLE).

Take Song 2: Stand up for Jesus….

(1) SCATTER THE FORCES OF DEPRESSION OR PRESSURE! All you negative voices shouting in my ears and preventing me from hearing God BE SILENCED NOW in Jesus name.

(2) I REJECT THE PORTION OF SAUL! I shall not fail God or man! I shall not make decisions that will demote my destiny! I shall wait on the LORD and I know I shall not be ASHAMED ( PRAY IT SERIOUSLY TILL YOU HAVE PEACE TO STOP


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