Our Daily Manna 25 December 2021

December 2021 Day 25


God does not want any of His children to languish in pain and bitterness. The people of Israel had just been delivered from the threats and oppression of Egypt. They were singing praises unto God and then they ran out of water. They travelled for three days and but there was no water in sight. They reached a place and saw water but as they took out of it to drink, they found that it was bitter. Suddenly the water became SWEET! I decree today: AS 2021 COMES TO AN END AND 2022 BEGINS, ANYONE PLANNING BITTER WATER FOR YOUR LIFE, FAMILY AND MINISTRY WILL DRY UP AND RUN MAD IN JESUS NAME.

AH! THE DEVIL IS A PERSISTENT CURSE! HE NEVER GIVES UP! IF THERE IS ANYTHING TO LEARN FROM HIM, THIS IS IT: NEVER GIVE UP! Yes! If he never gives up, why should you who have the living God, the Creator of LUCIFER (the devil himself) and the Creator of the heavens and earth with you? You are not a failure, therefore you cannot afford to give up. The God that you serve is able to turn every bitterness into joy. He is able to ease every pain and bring you great comfort and peace of mind.
Moses cried to the Lord and He showed him a tree which he cast into the waters and as he did so, the water turned into sweet. God turned things around for them! Get your heart assured of this: God is with you and He is able and WILL TURN every bitterness into sweetness! You will laugh again and again and He will turn you into A REFERENCE POINT OF HIS GOODNESS! Amen!

TAKE Song 1: There’s not a friend….

(1) Pray seriously against, ” Aborted Celebration.” As 2021 ends and 2022 begins, every evil plans of the enemy that wants to abort my celebration; BURN now in JESUS NAME!
(2) PRAY THIS SERIOUSLY: Lord, You are the one that healed the bitter waters of Marah; heal every bitterness in my life today. Turn my bitterness into sweet in Jesus name. Pray about today as led now. See page 7-9 prayers daily.

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