ODM DAILY MANNA 1 January 2021



Welcome to 2021, your year of OPEN REWARD. Wow! 2020 was a year of pain and gain for many but you made it through alive! Give God praise! Indeed, another 12 months of grace has started! I am led to assure you that what you have seen in the past years of your life is nothing compared to what you will see this year! Every Day Will Be Loaded With Victory.

Every Day Will Be Packed Full With Opportunities For Increase, Favour, Blessings, Success, And Unending Advancement. I encourage you to get prepared and wake up everyday expecting something good/awe- some to happen! Despite Covid -19, get out your journal and begin to document the testimonies and victories of last year 2020. Send them to me and let us rejoice together. Prepare to write GREATER VICTORIES this year! This year is going to be a year like no other. That’s what the word says. The glory of the latter shall be greater than the former.”

In other words, the glory of the past years will be nothing compared to the glory of the next 12 months. So get prepared, you are about to see the greatest/most glorious manifestation of God that you have ever seen (OPEN REWARD). Declare several times now: “The Glory of this year shall be greater than the glory of all former years. This is my year of OPEN REWARID and my father shall visit me OPENLY! I shall begin with the 21-day WORLDWIDE fast (January 9th-29th) even as i get “WAR AGAINST HAMAN- 16″ booklet,

I shall sow my sacrificial, fasting, financial seed by faith and I shall see YOKES destroyed like never before! Yea! I shall live pure! This is the year my lines shall fall into pleasant places (Psalm 16: 6)! Thank you Lord for the gift of life. This is my year! This is my year.” Worship the LORD now! (Give out these ODM Copies).

ODM ON THEIR BEHALF: Give out ODM Copies (a carton or 3 copies each) on BEHALF OF EACH OF YOUR CHILDREN/LOVED ONES and I shall respond with a voice note prayer session or 3 prophetic prayers of: THEY CANNOT BE HURT! Whatsapp +234 903 264 8292; +44-7448-117-504 or e-mail [email protected] after doing so. As you spread God’s Word, HURT/EVIL shall pass over them in Jesus name! Amen!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led now.

1. In your own words, pray generally on today’s word.
2. I loose and receive all Your plans and purposes for me concerning this year! I scatter every satanic AGENDA concerning this year!
3. Spirit of the living God, fall afresh upon me and strengthen me to stand and finish the upcoming 21-day fasting programme!
4. START praying the: “Prayers Before Any Fasting Program On Page 107 of “War Against Haman- 16” booklet between now and January 9th.
5. Lord, as l give out copies of ODM/ “War Against Haman -16” booklets, I decree that my GLORY shall increase this year
6. Pray seriously for yourself/loved ones concerning this year now.

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