Month Ending Prayers September

Month Ending Prayers September

September to Remember Has this Been your Testimony?

Well Even if you did not accomplish all your goals and targets this September, you must be thankful to God for making you see the last day of the Month. Many that started this month of September did not make it to the end. We have had stories on the internet or on social media of people who passed on. Some had the privilege to make their ways right with God some did not, they died in their sin.

We bless God for life, in a moment just go on your knees, or lay down and say God TAHNK YOU.

Appreciate God for January, February, March, April, May June, July, August and now September, Thank Him for October, November, and December.


    1.  Pray about today
    2.  Any plan to break my divine hedge– SCATTER AND BURN in Jesus’ name.
    3. The hedge over my children, my career, my business, my health, etc; YOU CANNOT BE BROKEN in Jesus name.
    4. You EMPTIER of destinies; EMPTY YOURSELF NOW! EMPTY YOURSELF NOW! NOW! NOW in Jesus name.
    5. I decree: I CANNOT BE EMPTIED! Isaiah 54: 17 is against every EMPTIER! THEY CANNOT MAR (SPOIL) MY VINE (destiny) in Jesus name!
    6. Month Ending Prayers Lord, pursue every EMPTIER AND BRING DOWN THEIR HEDGES/FOUNDATIONS!
  1. Lord, help me not to be BITTER AGAIN concerning the following issues/persons (mention them).
  2. LORD GOD to whom vengeance belongeth; O God, to whom vengeance belongeth, shew Thyself! Show Thyself! Show Thyself in Jesus name. Month Ending Prayers
  3. Pray it again: “LORD GOD to whom vengeance belongeth; O God, to whom vengeance belongeth, shew Thyself.”
  4.  I decree in the name that is above every other name, my rise to fame and glory shall stun the world. I shall tell a story of grass to grace in this new month. There is no stopping me in Jesus name.
  5. Oh Lord, the time for you to favour me and my household have come, yea, the set time is now. For it is time for you, Lord to work. Do not let them make void your promises upon my life.
  6. I shall not struggle with my business anymore. The wisdom to succeed and the grace to be celebrated shall dwell in me henceforth. Then, the heathens shall say, the Lord has done great things for me.
  7. Pray about today seriously. Month Ending Prayers
  8. Psalm 97:3; LORD, let the fire that goes before You go against, dry up and scatter every emptier and scatterer this year in Jesus name.
  9. Vs 3; emptiers and scatterers must scatter by Your fire; scatter those that are out to scatter finances this year in Jesus name.
  10. Vs. 3; You emptiers and scatterers that vowed to empty and scatter my marriage, and marital life, in the name of Jesus, I command you to scatter in to pieces in Jesus name.
  11. You emptiers and scatterers mandated to attack my business, you shall not succeed; now dry up and scatter by fire and thunder in Jesus name.
  12. You emptiers and scatterers positioned to scatter the fruits of my job, career, dry up now and scatter by fire and thunder in Jesus name.
  13. Month Ending Prayers O enemies that want my destiny empties and scattered, dry up and scatter by fire and thunder in Jesus name.
  14. Psalm 68:1; O LORD, arise and let every emptier and scatterer sent after the live and destiny of my children scatter by fire and thunder in Jesus name.


  1. Powers of delay and time wasters; catch fire and burn in Jesus name.
  2. LORD, RESTORE MY WASTED YEARS concerning the following issues of my destiny (mention them now and pray it for 3 night(s)
    3.I refuse to allow my flesh to rule over me daily this year in Jesus name.
  3. Oh Lord, restore back to me my time which the enemy has stolen and wasted.
  4. I reject depression, laziness, sin and self-pity now in Jesus name.
  5. Oh Lord, repair my broken walls and decorate my life once again.

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